Emerson Is A Family Affair For Soccer's Allie Altman

Emerson Is A Family Affair For Soccer's Allie Altman

BOSTON, Mass. – Most in the Emerson Community know Allie Altman as a phenomenal goalkeeper for the Emerson Women's Soccer Team as well as a standout in the classroom as a Writing, Literature and Publishing major. What most don't know is she's a part of an Altman legacy here at Emerson College.

As a freshman in high school in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Allie first heard of Emerson College after reading an author's bio which mentioned the school. A mere two years later she was watching her older sister Alyssa move to Boston enrolled as a freshman at Emerson.

On watching her sister's experiences at Emerson Allie stated, "Alyssa was definitely a reason I really looked at Emerson because every time we spoke and saw each other she had more to say about her experience there and how much she loved it. Having your sister speak so highly of Emerson really helped make the decision a lot easier."

"Emerson also offered me academically what I was looking for in terms of majors as well as a soccer program that I immediately felt welcomed to. It's a very family-like atmosphere in the Emerson Community which is really important for a student moving all the way from California."

In her short time at Emerson, Allie has wasted no time finding success in several endeavors already. One of the best goalies in the Great NOrtheast Athletic Conference as a rookie last year, Allie has also worked at the Paramount Soundstage learning production design. Over the summer, she also served as a production assistant on the film 'Jesus In Cowboy Boots' in California, an experience that she calls an, "amazing opportunity".

In her sister Allie's success and choice to come to Emerson, Alyssa said, "Having the opportunity to go to Emerson with Allie was fantastic. We have the same interests, so we participated in a lot of the same extracurricular activities. It was really a great experience to show her around and tell her what I love about Emerson, but also to encourage her to find the things that she loves as well.

"Emerson was really everything for me. It's where I learned that TV is what I wanted to do, leading me to my internship in the LA Program at Sony Television under another Emerson alumnus. It was the best experience I could ask for, and what I hope Allie gets as well as (youngest sister) Audrey if she chooses Emerson."

It seems the legacy for the Altman sisters may continue as well as Audrey has taken an interest in the application process, attending open houses and visiting campus to see her sisters.

"It'd be great if she wanted to come to Emerson", said Allie of younger sister Audrey, "Both Alyssa and I have had great experiences as a part of the Emerson Community. In the end, it's her choice, but I'd be happy trying to give her the same experience that Alyssa has for me."

I'm thankful that Alyssa helped me here, but happy that my path has been different as I've found a home in the Women's Soccer Team as well. The motivation they give me to be better every day on the field is also one that translates to my work academically."

Fans can catch Altman as she continues a stellar sophomore campaign with the Emerson Women's Soccer team that hosts Norwich this Saturday at Rotch Field at 1:00 p.m. in Boston.