Emerson Athletics' 'Shoes For Soles' Campaign Makes Strides

BOSTON, Mass. – A week into Emerson Athletics' 'Shoes For Soles' campaign has seen the Emerson Community donate a resounding 154 pairs of shoes to benefit St. Francis House, the largest day shelter in New England. The campaign, where anyone can donate a pair of shoes in return for an Emerson Athletics team jersey, is set to run until May 12.

Dr. Vaughn Calhoun, Interim Assistant Athletic Director, who has spearheaded the project commented on its success stating, "Thus far it has been an incredible turnout by the Emerson Community as we came in with a goal of 200 and we've reached over 75% of that goal in the first week alone. Not only does this project showcase the generosity of our students and staff, but it's also exciting to see everyone show such enthusiasm in being able to own and wear Emerson gear to represent the pride they have in their school."

The 'Shoes For Soles' campaign is currently ongoing with the Emerson Athletic Department accepting donations until May 12. Those that are interested are welcome to drop off donations in Piano Row at 150 Boylston Street, Lower Level 2 or they can contact Dr. Calhoun at Vaughn_calhoun@emerson.edu