Volleyball's Eric Doherty Lights Up The Court And Your Television

Volleyball's Eric Doherty Lights Up The Court And Your Television

BOSTON, Mass. – Millions of people have already seen Eric Doherty's work…and he hasn't even graduated from college yet. The senior Men's Volleyball captain may be finishing his final collegiate season on the court, but the future looms large for Doherty. A post-production major, he's already worked on monoliths of the small screen such as Fox's hit show So You Think You Can Dance.

During his senior fall semester, Doherty participated in Emerson's L.A. program. He interned at Buzzsaw Films, one of the premier post-production firms in the country. Buzzsaw holds accounts with household names such as Samsung, Verizon, and Nike, to name just a few.

When asked about his experience in the L.A. program, Doherty lit up, saying "It was an awesome experience. The people you meet and the actual hands-on work in the industry is something unparalleled."

The work he did during the internship impressed Buzzsaw so much that they're hoping he can join the company post-graduation, a prospect Doherty is excited about. "They are amazing to work with there; I learned so much in such a short span, and they gave me a lot of support in my work to further my career and hone those skills."

Doherty's time on campus at Emerson has been equally rewarding. Doherty stated, "It absolutely was the right choice. It was a last-minute decision I made after being influenced by some classes I took in high school in post-production and by my aunt who graduated from Emerson and has won awards for her work in Hollywood."

All told, Doherty still places his role on the Men's Volleyball team high on his list of priorities. "I went to L.A. in the fall so I could be sure to be back for our spring season. Being a part of the team has been a huge part of my college experience; Coach Read, Coach Letourneau, and my teammates have been a major part of that. Diana Barton has also been a major component in my academic career. Working with her and producing Lions Den is absolutely one of the things I'm most proud of here."

The work and time that student-athletes put into both their team and scholastic endeavors doesn't go unnoticed. Emerson Volleyball Head Coach Ben Read noted, "It really is incredible how much the athletes work to balance success academically, professionally, and athletically. It's unbelievable that they are able to balance a high level of performance in all those facets."

While the world may have already seen Eric's talents on the small screen, fans can still catch him in action with the rest of the Men's Volleyball team on Tuesday, March 26, as the Lions take on rival Emmanuel at 7:00 pm at Emerson's Brown-Plofker Gym.